"Do I??"

Inspired by the bloglet king himself, I figured I should probably try posting little amusing thoughts I think to myself and erase all doubts regarding my weirdness. Never too early to do THAT, huh!!

Anyways, here goes:

Brides-to-be, are you unsure if THIS is the man you want to marry??
Then, ask yourself: When I say "I do", will I mean, "He'll do"?

hmmmm. Think about THAT.

16 Responses to “"Do I??"”

  1. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    oh god!! i hope it never comes to that!!!  

  2. # Blogger Vignesh

    And you say you do this to ERASE all doubts regarding your weirdness ? Are you sure you mean ERASE ?!??! ;)  

  3. # Blogger Angel

    @Grrl: yeah! *fingers crossed*
    @Vig: yes, don't be doubtful! you can be assured of it!!  

  4. # Blogger Loonie

    I guess at that moment..it's too late to be thinking! *sigh* poor bride!;-)  

  5. # Blogger Amit

    lol, right..too late...unless you want a very-late-runaway bride...what about the groom eh? Poor guy doesn't know that the gal's selected him as a compromise...

    Erase all doubts about your weirdness?? Doubts? You could just ask one of us :-D  

  6. # Blogger Shrutz

    I, unlike, the others, have doubts about your weirdness
    1) where you born like this?
    2) is it contagious?
    ^:)^ Ang!  

  7. # Blogger Sagnik Nandy

    :)) that was really profound! what abt the men - any advice for them to hep them make similar decisions?? let these thoughs flow woman.  

  8. # Blogger Angel

    @Amit:yes, yes.someone oughta come up with some Qs for the grooms.
    1. Yes, my talents are inborn while my personality and charm get better with time.
    2. Contagious.Hmmm.that's still being researched.
    >:D< shrutz!
    Tips for guys?Aren't thou the King?
    You let your thoughts flow a LOT more than I do ;))
    But I shall post further insight and erase any doubts remaining.

  9. # Blogger L . Hyena

    Hmmm...Think about that eh? k...me wondering what was actually going through your head when you decided to make this post :-> ...

    PS: The smiley in case it doesnt show up is a smug face accompanied my repeated raising of eyebrows...


  10. # Blogger L . Hyena


  11. # Blogger Angel

    @Hyena: :"> ;;)  

  12. # Blogger Sagnik Nandy

    blog woman blog!  

  13. # Blogger Angel

    @sagnik: yes sir. It's just that I'm busy reading and commenting on YOUR
    posts ;;)  

  14. # Blogger pegasus

    that is scary  

  15. # Blogger Swaroop C H

    "He'll do" ?

    Is that a dialogue from 'Silence of the lambs'?


    - Swaroop

  16. # Blogger Angel

    @ankoo: at this moment I can think of one other thing that is scary.Any guesses?

    @swaroop:I wouldn't know, haven't seen it...but I can imagine why you would think that...:P  

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