You talkin' to ME??

I got book tagged. That should be a good thing for someone like me, who is currently either running short of things to say or is thinking twice before saying certain things.
We shall see if it indeed turns out to be a good thing, and so shall poor Vig and Swaroop, who were the eager taggers.

After reading other book tag posts, I've learnt that it's tradition to mention these points:
1. I haven't read as many books as I've wanted to.
2. My taste in literature is not as sophisticated as that of some of my other well-read blogger buddies.

I'm the kind of reader that reads prefaces, forewords and acknowledgements, album dedications, a bazillion blogs and sometimes what's on the back of a carton. As a child, I remember reading abridged versions of Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, in those days when books were given away as prizes on 'annual day'.
I have fond memories of curling up with large hard-bound colourful books full of Russian short stories like 'A Handful of Stars' and 'The Adventures of Teeny-Tiny'.Those days I would devour the 'primary' cupboard of the school library and frequently ask the librarian things like "Sir, is the 'Ninth Bedtime Book' available right now?"

At one point of time I all I wanted to read was the Childcraft series.I went on to become a serious Blyton fan with the usual Famous Fives and the Secret Sevens, and was most fascinated by the St. Clare's and Malory Towers series. Then I had a Shashi Deshpande phase where I wanted to read all her childrens' books. That was soon over and Nancy Drew arrived with the Hardy Boys. I particularly enjoyed the Supermysteries where Nancy would flirt with Frank Hardy and Ned would be enraged.

Since then, I've had the Sidney Sheldon phase, the self-help book phase, and the non-fiction phase while being addicted to Reader's Digest all the while.

My dad used to order 1 large DIY type book each for my sisters and I through RD every year as new year presents.This included books on Sketching, Painting, Ikebana, Origami, Bonsai, Tailoring and so on. I treasure these books and can't thank my dad enough for them. He's turned me into a 'how-to' freak now!!

Oh, I almost forgot that there's a format for this post.

1. Total number of books owned: I guess as a family, we own about 700 books in all. This includes those RD reference books, RD issues dating back to '77, some christian literature, novels and some childrens' books that we can't seem to give away.

2. Last book bought: Do puzzle books count? If yes, then it's the George Summers I got 2 months ago 'coz I misplaced the one I owned.(hey, stop yawning!)

3. Last book read: 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki.A book on developing financial intelligence with the usual gyaan about dreaming big.I can't say that I was moved by it, but it did make sense to a certain level.

4. 5+ books that mean a lot to me:

(i) This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, The Prophet all by Frank Perretti.
Great books that talk about the fight between good and evil. Perretti does a good job of depicting the present culture with different perspectives.Lots of angels and demons in these books. Read them at night if you're sure you have your guardian angel around!

(ii) To sir with love - E.R Braithwaite.
This I like because it's about the role that only a teacher
can play in influencing the choices made by a young mind.The same reason I liked movies like Sister Act 2 and Dangerous Minds.(also because this book reminds me of my english teacher from class 9 who influenced me greatly)

(iii) The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy and Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri. Love both because the writers have captured the Indian way of living and life itself in all its awkwardness and glory.

Swami and Friends - R.K Narayan.Everyone has felt like Swami
at least once in their lives!

(iv) Sniglets- Rich Hall and Friends. This is a collection of funny words that 'don't exist in the dictionary but should'.(Example: Anananany- The inability to stop spelling the word 'banana' once you've started.)

Peanuts - Charles M Schulz. I love Peanuts. Charlie Brown is a loser one learns to love.
I particularly enjoyed 'Snoopy stars as the literary ace' which was classic laugh-out-loud material.

(v) I just HAVE to mention these:

Treasury of Courage and Confidence - Norman Vincent Peale: This is a rich collection of quotes and anecdotes that I believe are worth reading.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers - Sean Covey : I read this when I was 16, I think. As I said, I'm into self-help books (giggle away!!).By the way, can someone tell me WHAT the 8th habit is??
And if you're asking, YES, I read Chicken Soup for the Soul and Who moved my cheese?

(vi)Some Christian books that have touched me:

When God Whispers Your Name and The Applause of Heaven - Max Lucado.Nobody expresses heart stuff as well as Lucado, I believe.
( notice I just said 'heart stuff'?? that's why I'm not a writer!)

What's so Amazing About Grace? and Where is God When it hurts? - Philip Yancey. Admire his reporter, seeker style of writing.He's very non-preachy and also very brave in his pursuit of truth as a person and as a writer.

The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren. For its practicality, simplicity and richness.

Victory Over the Darkness - Neil Anderson. An excellent self-discovery book that brings God into the picture.

Of course I must mention the Bible itself, for the source of comfort, hope and encouragement that it is to me.

Done. Now I must pass this on to some other book-lovers who happen to be bloggers.Let's see:
Shrutz, Amit, Loonie, Neil ,Vishnu, Liz, Eddie and L.Hyena.

And remember,
'Call him/her not friendless who has God and the company of books'

(...and a blog, and a pet, and lots of cash. Call him/her unsocial!!)

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