Disappear within my mind

1. You know how you listen to a song once and then feel like you have to hear it at least 5 times every day? My current dig is All at sea by Jamie Cullum. Totally love the feel of that song.

2. Had a wonderful friendship day, getting wishes and hugs at midnight, as I was at this lovely little getaway in the outskirts, complete with a lake and treehouse, fish pond et al. Made my way back to the city by evening, and my cousin offered to take us out for pizza. Me and my sisters shamelessly exploited his offer and ate till the cheese gave us rashes. It was really a fun time and we ended up having quite a few hurts-in-the-belly type laughter moments. Then, in the cold of the night, we had icecream as we discussed absolutely crazy things like "how do you think they put one inflated balloon into another?"
These are the kind of days that make you smile when in bed at night. *sigh*
(My cousin's gonna have a little hurts-in-the-belly moment himself when he reads this!!)

3. Do not pluck and eat tamarinds when they're not ready to be eaten. Just don't do it.I had a whole lot of green, sour ones that made me wink and make funny sounds while eating. But the next day...oh, you don't wanna know.

4. Meeting teachers from school is a very uplifting experience.As long as you do so rarely and have little brief conversations.Because after they're done with stuff like,"ohh look at you all grown up...what do you do now? I still remember when..." there's pretty much nothing left to talk about.You smile, they smile, you smile some more, and then nod your head
and move to the next teacher, answering the same questions.
It's uplifting because they actually believe you've become that responsible citizen...something you want to believe too but Ohhh, ma'am you have no idea.
That said, love all you teachers, noble profession you chose! More power!

5. Have been having a string of fish-out-of-water experiences for quite a long time now.Getting used to that feeling, is that a good thing?
It is, sometimes.

If you don’t need it every day
But sometimes don’t you just crave
To disappear within your mind
You never know what you might find
So come and spend some time with me
And we will spend it all at sea...

Profound Gibberish © Angel

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