11 woohoo things to do!

I've been watching too many travel shows lately. I think it's great that someone goes to these incredible places and does these FUN things....
Oh, who am I kidding....I don't think it's great....I want to switch places with them.I want to complain about jetlag and sleeplessness because of the travel.I want to touch that aqua-blue water I see them playing around in.I want to eat an octopus in Korea...(I MIGHT be getting a little carried away here)...OK OK, I just want the moon.

1)Go to Hawaii.Surf on a 13-foot surfboard.Buy one of those loud floral shirts.Learn to play the Ukelele and sing a song sitting on the beach.

2)Go to Thailand, Ride on a white elephant while his ears flap over my leg.Take him to a river and pour gallons of water on him and scrub him clean.

3)Go to DisneyLand when it's Christmas.Eat from a gingerbread house when no-one's watching.

4)Go to Hard Rock cafe, Nashville and get my picture taken next the huge guitar.Pretend to be a struggling vocal artist looking for a record deal.

5)Go to Hershey and eat a lot of chocolates.

6)Walk in the shade of a dozen Redwoods.Look up and strain my neck.

7)Go to Australia .Reef.Kangaroos.Koalas.Didgeridoos.Opera House....WOW!!

8)Go to Israel. period.

9)Go to Africa. South Africa.

10)Go to England. Pose next to celebs in Madame Tussad's.

11)Go to Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur.Ride a camel, shop for rich, colourful ethnic stuff.

Hope at least #11 happens soon.
As for the rest, sponsors, well-wishers, friends (soon to become bestest friends).Contact me.
(note:1-10 not necessarily in the given order)

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  1. # Blogger Vignesh

    So... you wanna do all of that... any deadlines ? I really dont have a list like that.. I used to have one.. but somewhere down the line I realised that ... well.. anyway...

    What I was going to say !!?!  

  2. # Blogger eddie

    I'd have a pretty similar list except for perhaps Israel..and greedy that I am, I'd also wanna add a few more places like The carnival at Rio, boating in Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, prolly fit in egypt and cyprus as well and ..uhh better stop now..this iis getting out of control !
    Well but as of now to do do all this either we'll have to be travel agents, movie stars or well the good ol fashioned way of snaring a millionaire ;)  

  3. # Blogger Swaroop C H

    You're just getting started.
    See http://www.gadling.com and get blown over.


  4. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    well.. your always welcome to visit Thailand anytime* wink wink*
    as for the white elephants.. sorry honey.. they aint white...theyre just a little less pigmented than natural dark brown elephants.. thats why theyre called white...
    meahahahah.. but theyre fun to ride on... eyaaaaaaaahhh  

  5. # Blogger Angel

    @vig:No deadlines as such...but hey, it's buddies like you who lift me up and make me feel like I can do anything :| :|.thanx for nothing!

    @Eddie: oohh yeah!I'd like to borrow some from your list plz!! :D
    Hmm interesting career choices you've suggested....

    @Swaroop: great link, thanks!

    @Grrl: REALLY? I shall drop in ANYTINE soon!!
    Abt white elephants, yeah I know they're not like WHITE white...
    I saw this documentary on white elephants on Nat Geo, and Meg Ryan was hosting it...it was AWESOME!  

  6. # Blogger Amit

    "..Go to Hawaii.Surf on a 13-foot surfboard...."
    I once tried something akin to bungee jumpin..(except perhaps in my case I had a whole jacket-like thingie keeping me tethered, rather than the traditional rope around the ankle.)..thats when i realized that some things just aren't as easy as they seem on TV...that was one very terrifying experience....but come to think of it, i'd love to do it again (!!) ;-) lol

    Know what? here's how I plan to see the world...Step1:become insanely rich and CEO/owner of a megacorp by the age of 30..Step2:flit around the world in my own jet doing crazy things(aka Richard Branson of Virgin)...see, its simple!  

  7. # Blogger Shrutz

    hehe been to...
    Israel... nice place!  

  8. # Blogger jax

    pick me! pick me!!

    okay let me relax! you are not looking for a partner to tag along yet?

    add to that ladakh and macchu picchu - in the search of the lost empire of incas.  

  9. # Blogger Loonie

    aww..Africa! South Africa. Join me dudette?;-)
    Well..how about introducing me to ur future BESTEST FRIENDS..perhaps..i might get lucky too..and yeah..u r gonna be my partner in all my ventures;-)(psst! now am being too kind..are you giving it a thot already:P)  

  10. # Blogger Angel

    @Amit: yeah, how simple...pass those rose-tinted glasses, please!

    @Shrutz: yes, I know.me envious!!

    @Jax: Of course you can...first tag along with me for some serious fund-raising!!
    We can keep adding to that list :D...how about antarctica too...ice fishing sound good?

    @loonie:same as what I told Jax...money, people! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!  

  11. # Blogger Loonie

    Aoortie Angel. Money? I can sell off my comp, my mobile, my cd player, my walkman, my music system, my treadmill and my books. This is what I have. say what?!?!;-)  

  12. # Blogger Loonie

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  13. # Blogger jax

    dont we have enough melting icebergs in antarctica already? :D

    forget the funds...lets hitch a ride. i'll see you on NH-14 tomorrow nite at 11.dont forget to bring your 'tourist sunglasses' along!  

  14. # Blogger Angel

    @Loonie: WHAT commitment!! thou art AMAZING! :D :D
    @Jax: yup, I'll see you tomorrow! Err...about the sun-glasses, rose-tinted?(hate to repeat that!!)  

  15. # Blogger rapunzel

    Go to Israel.Period. I agree:)  

  16. # Blogger Kumari

    Dats a HUGE list of places to go and things to do...sigh! and here i am yet to cover the necessary 2 km to reach the Driving School and learn to drive a car :-D

    And if you see a bright RED towel waving at you frantically from anywhere, be sure to stop. that's me trying to hitch hike a ride:)  

  17. # Blogger Primalsoup

    Hmmm, the list is always a good start! :)

    Hope you find the best friends... And Israel? Hmmm :)  

  18. # Blogger jax

    you must have really taken off on a trip! where on earth are you? come baaaaaaaack!! NOW!! :D  

  19. # Blogger Loonie

    Now datz long! Where are you?!?!?!  

  20. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    Looks like you've stopped writing just like me!!! hahaha.. amit and shrutz have stopped too :( What am I supposed to read today??!?  

  21. # Blogger Angel

    ugh!! lotsa changes happening around me...can't seem to blog for a while!
    enjoy it while it lasts, folks :D  

  22. # Blogger Grafxgurl


    where are you and your thoughts.. go find them at once !!! PRONTOOOOO!!!

    *very bored*  

  23. # Blogger MadV

    I wish if I could sit at home..Home the sweetest place on earth... Maybe in the whole universe itself..  

  24. # Blogger eddie

    Either uve found ur bestest friends and are currently circling the globe or Uve been kidnapped or something !  

  25. # Blogger Loonie

    I agree with you eddie! She disappeared!  

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