Is the season of the tags over?
I was in the mood to do something other than what I was supposed to be doing...and then I remembered, Neil had tagged me...with the scary SEVEN tag...
I couldn't think up seven points for each of the questions... and if I were to answer the same questions tomorrow, I doubt I'd give all the same answers. These are just right off the top of my head...

Seven things I plan to do before I die!!!
1. Accomplish that which I was created for.
2. Master at least one musical instrument.
3. Learn french.
4. Travel a lot.
5. Take my nieces out to the zoo or some such place that kids like to go to...
6. Sing a lot.
7. Probably write a book.

Seven things you can do!!!
1. Sing.
2. Smile/giggle for no reason.
3. Daydream.
4. Remember names and faces.
5. Talk loudly when I'm excited.
6. See the lighter side of a situation.
7. Watch cartoons back to back. (Sometimes even Nick Junior!)

Seven things you can't do!!!...(YET!!)
1. Cook good food.
2. Get up early every morning.
3. Talk long hours on the phone.(There are always exceptions!)
4. Hold a grudge for too long.
5. Knit.
6. Listen to Daniel Bedingfield's 'If you're not the one' more than once.
7. Stop organising music into playlists.

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!!
1. Sense of humour.
2. Calmness.
3. Positive attitude.
4. A fashion sense that's classy and funky at the same time.
5. Chivalry.
6. Good conversation.
7. Creative outlook.

Seven things you say most!!!
1. Oh puhleeez
2. Yeah right
3. DUDE!
4. Hmmm
5. Errr...

Seven celebrity crushes!!!
1. Peter Gallagher. (the guy who was sleeping in 'While You Were Sleeping')
2. Rob (one of the guys who won the first 'The Amazing Race')
3. Harry Connick Jr (in Hope Floats)
4. Keanu Reeves (in Speed).
5. How could I forget MATT (Damon, who else??)...Loved him in Good Will Hunting...
(I better stop at that!)

People that are tagged with this now are:
(*drum roll*)
1. Vig ( I know you won't do it, I double-dare you to do it!!)
2. Densel
3. Doctor Pissed
4. Loonie



Goa was everything that I expected it to be. I've been talking about it ever since I came back.Some good listeners became the victims of my animated minute-by-minute commentary of every single day of the trip.(God Bless Y'all!).
And strangely enough, everytime I sit down to write about it, I feel like I can't seem to do justice to the good times.

Maravanthe beach Dolphin Boat ride Singing Calangute seabreeze walking into the sea scary waves shopping midnight walks fish markets silly games portugese architecure seashells temporary tattoo Cashews tamarind toffee bright colours seafood Evening cruise Dancing Hooting Miramar birthday chocolate cake fine, white sand 3AM all truth no dare Jog falls
French lessons Kannada movie Shimoga 8:45 pm
Built up your curiosity on that last one, haven't I?

[P.S: Yes, Vig.Your idea ;)]

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