Ready Maid

There is no dearth of interesting personalities on this planet and I have done my share of observing, analysing and smiling quietly.
There's those people who don't know what a frown is, and there are those six-o-clock long faces that say...nah, they don't talk a lot, do they? Then there are saintly people like my sister's hostel mates who wake her up and offer a steaming hot cup of tea..angels, they are. There are those back-benchers who sit behind me (I would be a back-bencher if I didn't arrive late!!!)...I like to listen in on their extremely interesting conversations when I'm not day-dreaming in class. Not to forget those entertaining lecturers with amusing accents and intriguing gestures.

Belonging to this enchanting sliver of characters is my maid.She is a fascinating lady who can add spunk to the most colorless of situations.She does household chores with such a zeal that one almost feels jealous of her responsiblities.She is passionate about work and often strolls the extra mile.Housework is this woman's calling and she was born to do it.(And aren't we glad!!)

She is definitely not the silent type.She has something to say about everything.Homemade remedies for smooth and flawless skin, how to make that perfect cup of tea, what's on TV, the weather, stories about her other satisfied customers.Highly motivated, she often stays for a couple of extra hours to make murkus especially for me.(that explains why I'm going on and on about her!).
The other day, on April fool's day, to be exact, she came up to me and told me to go see what special fried item was waiting in the kitchen for me to munch.This happened when I was narrating my account of how I got fooled in class that day.Sucker that I am, I didn't even realise she was inspired by the topic of conversation.
I delightfully said, "really??" and rushed to the kitchen, lifted lids and tossed around some containers.Nothing fried, fatty or special was found.
"April Fool!!!" she yelled, as she got intense joy from torturing my easily tempted tastebuds.

This woman might sometimes be silly, loud, even exasperating.But never boring.

25 Responses to “Ready Maid”

  1. # Blogger Loonie

    aww! cute!:-)  

  2. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    aarrghh dotn even get me started on my maid.. she is the world's biggest hypochondriac, venomous dirt massacring individual that ever existed.. sigh  

  3. # Blogger eddie

    Hmm never known a maid like that ..seems right out of a p.g. woodhouse novel..btw grafx wat keeps u from firing ur lovely maid :) hmm looks like I got in early on this controversies yet..  

  4. # Blogger Amod

    u know what I liked most about this blog?? The way you showed your respect to your maid by dedicating a blog and analyzing +ve aspects of her personality. And what're murkus?? never heard of that?  

  5. # Blogger Kumari

    That's a nice way to appreciate someone who makes life easy...however, did u tell her about this post? :p  

  6. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    *evil laughter* yes Eddie am going to fire her.. withboth barrels stuffed with gunpowder and chilli powder as well!! BLAST OFF!!  

  7. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    by the by ANGEL... thanks for adding me to your list!! *hugs*  

  8. # Blogger Vignesh

    Well.. the only think my maid has ever done that I am grateful for is smack a gecko out of my room ! I was about to squish the thing with my shoes, but she didnt want me to do that, instead caught the poor bugger and chucked him out !  

  9. # Blogger Amit

    Its funny ya know, if you actually pay attention, you find that there is lot to laugh about in other people..and once your done with laughing and you turn around, you see a lot of other people laughing at you...but yes, very nice, happy and definitely wierd family...i think this is where hostel life kicks the hostel, everyone's fair one escapes unscathed..and having a room/class full of guys laughing at you, when you walk in is definitely fun..esp. when you get to do it to the next guy walking in....observing people, is a very good way to spend time..great fun....

    oh, and food is the eternal temptation...its not fair that people should fool anyone with food.. :(  

  10. # Blogger liz

    Ang , i think you are progressively gettig better at this nonsensical-just for kicks doodling.Good fun man.  

  11. # Blogger Primalsoup

    Hehe.Seems like that was some FOOL's day! But, now this wants to make me look at my own maid with renewed interest! Lemme see, how to slot her.  

  12. # Blogger Angel

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  13. # Blogger Angel

    @loonie:aww, thanks! :D

    @Grrl:whoa, I shall count my blessings!!
    hmm, fire her,eh?? gentle,now!

    and yes, I have linkidinked problem, sista!

    @Eddie: well, this one's not fictional...very real!

    @Amod: Oh, my maid is definitely blogworthy!
    Murkus are err... spiral shaped deep fried items made out of rice flour.

    @Kumari: Tell her about this post?? nah ;)
    I've had a hard enough time explaining how chatting works to her...
    maybe 'blogs' will be lesson #12324

    @Vig: how evil are YOU? squish it??how inhumane (not to mention GROSS!!!!) ;))

    @Amit: Yes, people watching is good fun ;)
    THANK YOU...for mentioning that about is UNFAIR, is it not...this cruel cruel world!

    @lizzy: yeah,'re quite the doodle queen yourself, puppy!

    @primalsoup: yup, do blog about her!!me will read and commentspam ya!  

  14. # Blogger Primalsoup

    Am I sleep deprived? Or does your blog look different?  

  15. # Blogger Loonie

    hey girl! A new template!:-) Change's gr8!  

  16. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    hey!! youre bloo!!  

  17. # Blogger jax

    hey...she's maid to order! my last maid borrowed 1000 bucks from every house in the locality for her daughter's wedding and never came back!  

  18. # Blogger Angel

    @loonie,grafxgurl & primalsoup: yes, ladies, change is good.
    I just read in an old RD issue that doing 'something different' in life is one of the 20 ways to be happy!!
    check me out:------> :D

    @Jax:*gasp* whoa!!
    maybe her daughter married an NRI and now your maid works there??  

  19. # Blogger Vignesh

    Blueeeeeyyyyy !! Neato !!!! Mucchhhhoo Niceooooo !!  

  20. # Blogger Angel

    gracias, senor!  

  21. # Blogger Neil Padayatty

    While the old one was there that was good.
    Now that there is a new one... I'd say that's better than the other one.
    That's living with the times!  

  22. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @neil: yup!


  23. # Blogger eddie

    phew ! 23 comments !! ur maid must be proud ;) time u posted something new, dont want the comments getting longer than ur post :)  

  24. # Blogger Loonie

    24 comments! Waw! U sure u wudn't wanna tell ur maid abt it?;-)  

  25. # Blogger Angel

    @Eddie and Loonie:C'mon, some of the comments are abt the new template ;)  

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