The soothing effects of retail therapy!!

Some people go to Dr.Phil, some people shop!
Yes, they hop around and shop around, from boutique to showroom to 'ninetynine only' to the local supermarket...they've got it ALL covered.
There's all KINDS of shopping:
- Intentional shopping: "I really NEED stuff, let's go shop"
- Serendipity shopping: "Oh, let's JUST take a walk, we'll look around, that's all...wait..what's that...SO CUTE....I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE..I NEED it"
(In such cases, the very cute object could be a teeny tiny colourful box that you can't use for any purpose, and yet at that's all you need(read as 'want').
- Indirect shopping:"K wanted to buy some stuff..will just accompany her choose...K,how does this look on me?"
- Gift shopping: This, I believe, is quite a challenge.It's best to take someone along...someone who can make up his/her mind.(I am reminded of a VERY crazy situation when this friend and I were in a gift shop for an HOUR...sniffing perfumes, striking the chimes, giggling at lovey-dovey greeting cards, discussing feng shui...just COULD'NT make a decision!!)
- Shop-lifting: No need to freak out...I have NO experience in this field.

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  1. # Blogger Loonie

    Who would know better about serendipity shopping than we GIRLS?!?!?!he he
    I definitely do it!:-)
    Men do 'Intentional shopping'..but I wonder how far it is true..coz they are so unsure about what they have/what they wanna have,wanna keep and what they wanna buy.(This applies to their clothes/books/things and women).:-)
    Enlightning erudition on different kinds of shopping! Me likey!:-)  

  2. # Blogger Vignesh

    yeah right ! We know what we want... go ahead and buy it. Now ,if we are shopping WITH a lady.. thats when the indecisiveness begins... Oh that color isnt nice on you, you cant wear stripes with this...and on and on and on... ;)

    A, I hope you like my sincere efforts at starting another controversial post ;)  

  3. # Blogger Swaroop C H

    What is the craze that girls have about shopping, I mean seriously, jeez...

    Agree with Vignesh, though. I decide first, then shop, unless it comes to gifts.

    Still, do you have time to take on an apprentice? ;)

    - Swaroop  

  4. # Blogger Shrutz

    what about window shopping, which is not really shopping?
    Btw great post babes  

  5. # Blogger Loonie

    @ Vignesh - I have no say!:-| Sad..but true!  

  6. # Blogger Amit

    Its not that girls are crazy about shopping..its just the things they go crazy about...guys would probably freak out in a shop full of the latest phones and stuff...I know i would.. girls are more into small boxes that you can't put anything into and small teddy bears and silly stuff like that..

    The great book "Sage Amit's Words of Wisdom on the Topic of going Shopping with Girls" has this to say about them....

    "When you have to accompany some female for shopping, the best thing to do would be to lose her on the could pretend you got lost, and returned home when you couldn't find her..and if she asks you what you think about that horrible looking shirt she picked for you in your absence..make sure you make some happy noises (a happy gurgle will do..esp if your speechless at the sheer horror of someone thinking you're gonna wear that)..and do wear it once or twice before you burn it..coz you may need to get lost next time you go shopping together and she shouldn't get suspicious...and if you get any hint of the word "gift" in "Its M's b'day tomorrow..what shall we buy her?", then you might as well take a refrigerator, a portable TV and a nice sofa along won't be back home any time soon..."  

  7. # Blogger Angel

    @loonie: glad u likey ;)stay tuned for further enlightening sessions ;)

    no say, eh? diplomat ;)

    @Vig: But, with the right person, u might actually enjoy that indecisiveness.think about THAT!
    sincere efforts?? *rolls eyes* ;))

    @Swaroop: Apprentice, eh? Will get back to you on that one ;)

    @Shrutz: ahh, how could I forget the most blissful of all shopping may NOT exactly be shopping..but the therapy works best with that one ;)

    @Amit: hey Mr irrevocable...keep up with the long comments and readers will come here to read ur gibberish instead of mine ;)
    Don't worry, I'm not complaining.

    @ALL: Even if I post just a 'blah' in my next will somehow lean towards the controversial, won't it?'s fun to watch ;))  

  8. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    heehahaha.. i ADORE shopping when i have the oodles of cash in my pockets..!!!!

    when i dont... thats when i am a super, UBER budget freak!!  

  9. # Blogger eddie

    wow ! there always seems to be a battle of the sexes going on here ..about the blah part..prolly next time as u said u shud try just "blah" or an empty post and see what happens .. I seem to be always coming in the fag end of the fighting ..missing out the good stuff ! does everyone check ur page the moment the get out of bed or or is there some nice automated way of getting to know :)  

  10. # Blogger Amit

    Blah? Thats right...there is a lot to be said for a Blah... Might be nice experiment in philosophy...profound questions that can be asked would probably include "Why Blah? Why not Bloh?" or "Blah Blah?? or just Blah?"..or even "if someone says a Blah when noone is there to hear, did the Blah happen?", this is fun!!

    I've kept my PC next to the fridge, so that I check up every time i grab something to eat (very very often)..and I've hacked into blogger so that when Angel posts a message it comes directly to my system before it even goes up....just kidding ;-) ...Eddie, there is some automated way to keep up with blogs, sumthing like an email client..RSS feeds and stuff..i think does something interesting too..not sure though, and don't have the bandwidth here in college to check either...  

  11. # Blogger Amit

    Oh yeah..i was kidding about the fridge too..heck, its April Fool's day!  

  12. # Blogger Angel

    @Grrl: hmm.sounds wise ;)

    @Eddie: C'mon...commenting at the end lets you see everyone else's comments and reply to their comments as our friend Amit has demonstrated above.

    @Amit: Blah ;)  

  13. # Blogger muthu


    Like some1 said--

    I never let go the hand of my wife.. If I do so, she starts shopping...


    lol.. :)  

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