I am from no small town. I didn't go from a cocktail waitress to a well-known songbird. I am not even Kelly Clarkson's biggest fan. But these words somehow make so much sense to me.
There comes a time when one needs to make changes for the better.Try something that's very unlike what one would usually do.Surprise others by doing something no-one would ever think you would do.
Taking chances, making wishes, making changes are all new territories for me. I am quite predictable, cautious and yet I am adventurous.( don't ask ME, I've been trying to figure this out for a LONG time!!)
These days even when I try out a new flavour of icecream, or wear something totally unlike me, it liberates me.I love to see people react and say, "hey, what's happened to YOU?"
"you NEVER do that!!"
"you NEVER wear that!!"
"THAT isn't your style!!"
(it does get weird when I tell myself these things sometimes!)

Don't you just love the words,"SO, WHAT?"

So, you know what? I'm taking that leap. I'm doing it afraid.I'm facing it head-on.
Sink or swim, I'm diving in.

I should really get some sleep before this starts making sense to me.

Little Pleasures

A combination of factors had compelled me to inhabit the real-world and abandon the virtual for a little while, giving me time to take in the little things in life that bring joy when you least expect it...

1. Remembering a tune you used to hum LONG ago, and discovering that you remember most of the words...and as you sing it, that time of your life becomes all so clear before you...the people, the experiences, the little victories, promises you made to yourself and others...

2. Reading your diary from when you were thirteen , laughing at your follies and pleased that you are much wiser now. Much.

3. Meeting an old friend after a long time and realising you still get along, in the same way you used to, everything clicks, the brand of fun is same as before...priceless.

4. Discovering that your best friend is also your sister.

5. To see someone else more excited and expectant about your future than you are.

6. To listen to your 6 year old niece praying...asking for others to be blessed ...her parents, teachers and all those friends of hers...she mentions their full names so God won't be confused.

Come to think of it, these things are not SO little...are they?
Considering all these joys, I must be able to let go of nineteen and enter the big two O.

Profound Gibberish © Angel

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