11 woohoo things to do!

I've been watching too many travel shows lately. I think it's great that someone goes to these incredible places and does these FUN things....
Oh, who am I kidding....I don't think it's great....I want to switch places with them.I want to complain about jetlag and sleeplessness because of the travel.I want to touch that aqua-blue water I see them playing around in.I want to eat an octopus in Korea...(I MIGHT be getting a little carried away here)...OK OK, I just want the moon.

1)Go to Hawaii.Surf on a 13-foot surfboard.Buy one of those loud floral shirts.Learn to play the Ukelele and sing a song sitting on the beach.

2)Go to Thailand, Ride on a white elephant while his ears flap over my leg.Take him to a river and pour gallons of water on him and scrub him clean.

3)Go to DisneyLand when it's Christmas.Eat from a gingerbread house when no-one's watching.

4)Go to Hard Rock cafe, Nashville and get my picture taken next the huge guitar.Pretend to be a struggling vocal artist looking for a record deal.

5)Go to Hershey and eat a lot of chocolates.

6)Walk in the shade of a dozen Redwoods.Look up and strain my neck.

7)Go to Australia .Reef.Kangaroos.Koalas.Didgeridoos.Opera House....WOW!!

8)Go to Israel. period.

9)Go to Africa. South Africa.

10)Go to England. Pose next to celebs in Madame Tussad's.

11)Go to Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur.Ride a camel, shop for rich, colourful ethnic stuff.

Hope at least #11 happens soon.
As for the rest, sponsors, well-wishers, friends (soon to become bestest friends).Contact me.
(note:1-10 not necessarily in the given order)

Ready Maid

There is no dearth of interesting personalities on this planet and I have done my share of observing, analysing and smiling quietly.
There's those people who don't know what a frown is, and there are those six-o-clock long faces that say...nah, they don't talk a lot, do they? Then there are saintly people like my sister's hostel mates who wake her up and offer a steaming hot cup of tea..angels, they are. There are those back-benchers who sit behind me (I would be a back-bencher if I didn't arrive late!!!)...I like to listen in on their extremely interesting conversations when I'm not day-dreaming in class. Not to forget those entertaining lecturers with amusing accents and intriguing gestures.

Belonging to this enchanting sliver of characters is my maid.She is a fascinating lady who can add spunk to the most colorless of situations.She does household chores with such a zeal that one almost feels jealous of her responsiblities.She is passionate about work and often strolls the extra mile.Housework is this woman's calling and she was born to do it.(And aren't we glad!!)

She is definitely not the silent type.She has something to say about everything.Homemade remedies for smooth and flawless skin, how to make that perfect cup of tea, what's on TV, the weather, stories about her other satisfied customers.Highly motivated, she often stays for a couple of extra hours to make murkus especially for me.(that explains why I'm going on and on about her!).
The other day, on April fool's day, to be exact, she came up to me and told me to go see what special fried item was waiting in the kitchen for me to munch.This happened when I was narrating my account of how I got fooled in class that day.Sucker that I am, I didn't even realise she was inspired by the topic of conversation.
I delightfully said, "really??" and rushed to the kitchen, lifted lids and tossed around some containers.Nothing fried, fatty or special was found.
"April Fool!!!" she yelled, as she got intense joy from torturing my easily tempted tastebuds.

This woman might sometimes be silly, loud, even exasperating.But never boring.

Profound Gibberish © Angel

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