A Tryst of monumental proportions

For most of my month long vacation I was glued to my computer, Gracy.Yeah, we named her.My cousin also took pains to clarify if we actually meant 'crazy'...come to think of it, maybe he was referring to us.hmmm (note to self: whack wisecracking cousin later).Yeah, so I've been mailing, chatting, blogging(what's with the giggling??),gathering information(and grogginess)...

Then came the highlight of the month. A trip to Delhi, not that I am crazy about the city, but anything that's different from the usual schedule gets me excited.Since I (in some spaced out state)had declared publicly that I like folding clothes...my sis somehow got me to do the packing...I did enjoy it..but of course, a whine here and there added to the merriment.

So, here we were, My sis N and me, somewhat ready for our LONG journey.
My parents come to see us off at the station..my mom , as usual was offering her last minute advice:"don't talk to strangers" "drink only bottled water" "don't react to any glances" "keep your sweaters ready when it gets cold" and N and I replied with an embarrassed,"YES, we know, maaaaa"
Our little family meeting was in full swing, when my mom saw our journey buddies...Six men, all soldiers(or future soldiers)clad in the green army uniform...each giving N and I looks that said,"HELLO, there". "bon voyage to US"
And motormouth N was talking nonstop so mom would stop worrying about us, and my mom was silent, staring at the faujis, trying to think of some reason for us to unboard the locomotive that very instant.Something about the train whistle told her it was too late for that.

Time was SOMEHOW passed on the train... surviving loud soldiers, cold stares, smells of undeterminate origins, diluted tea and coffee.Even conversations in the adjacent compartment became boring, that's how long the journey was.But yeah, Dan Brown was keeping me occupied...and of course after every 5-6 chapters,I narrated 'the story so far' to my sister...she's gonna scream the next time she hears the term 'albino monk'.
When we finally reached Delhi,I wanted to kiss the platform.(I did NOT.If you don't know why, you've been travelling by flight for too long!).
We spent a week there...shopping,socialising, sight-seeing(Does window shopping come under sight-seeing??).Since I insisted on never leaving Delhi till we went to Agra and saw the Taj, we HAD to go.(the youngest ones always win!!).So, we got up early one morning(nah, not 9, even earlier, try 5)and boarded the train to Agra...once there, we boarded a rickety cycle rickshaw, reached the entrance to the Taj, and my sister says,"let's grab breakfast"...I was THIS close to the Taj...and she's talking about breakfast.I've never eaten SO fast in my life...

Have I mentioned I get hysterical when I'm before a monument?
I tried photographing at never-before-tried angles, staring at the mausoleum for the longest time, nodding at nothing and trying to find hidden meanings in the symbols on the building. Actually I was nodding, thinking, "geez, look at ALL that marble!!".I also listened in on tour guides' LONG lectures on Shah Jahan's workers, Akbar's wives, Aurangzeb's fondness for liquor AND, I've heard, sometimes they even add in some film and politics for that complete INDIAN experience!

From what they've left behind, it's quite clear the Moghuls really were very excellent, diligent, creative and passionately extravagant. It was really very inspiring to catch a glimpse of this edifice.More than a glimpse actually.In fact I just couldn't walk with my back facing it.I walked backwards, facing it, 'coz I couldn't take my eyes off it.
I know, I should go out more.

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  1. # Blogger Vignesh

    Where are the pics of the Taj ? Flickr please...

    I always end up doing the same thing whenever I find myself with a camera and an imposing structure. I try to get all sorts of angles, ignore the people around and them yelling at me saying, photographs are meant to be taken WITH people...

    Note to self: For the millionth time, organize pics and flickr them !!  

  2. # Blogger Loonie

    Ah! Angel..come on now..do you mean to tell me 6 'faujis' and the journey was boring?;-)
    Dudette! Am sure you had a great time..the post sez it all!:-)  

  3. # Blogger Shrutz

    Heh... faujis! *salute*
    I went to Delhi and never got to see the Taj :( Kya kare.. kelening dai  

  4. # Anonymous aryan_ed

    Got to know about this site from TheLoonieTunes .. Some great poetry there ..so tht I'd check this one out and boy ! it was great entertainment ! Now I got two great sites for different moods :)

    Really Loved the piece on "Informal guidelines" as well ..hehe but i always thought the X in the saying below was for girls rather than boys ;): 'X are like lava lamps: fun to look at but not so bright.'  

  5. # Anonymous Sini

    I agree with Vignesh...where are the pictures? Great post. My sister became violently ill on our bus ride to Agra but the smell of vomit didn't take away from my awe of just being at the Taj.  

  6. # Blogger Amit

    Beautiful Post...I've never seen the taj except in pictures...I really must hurry before it gets blackened by pollution..tell me..is the marble really losing colour?? I also heard some wierd story about the all the minarets leaning away from the main structure..something to do with protecting the main structure at the time of an earthquake..true??
    And where are the pictures?? How can you do something so sadistic, by telling us about your journey without posting the pics first..allowing us to roast in the gravy of our own suspense...

    i wait impatiently..  

  7. # Blogger Angel

    @vig: coming soon!
    @Loonie: yeah, I DID have a great time, but the faujis had little to do with it!
    @shrutz: awww, babe! we both should go together sometime. :)
    @aryan: WELCOME! yeah, I like Loonie's blog too!
    Abt ur other comment, I wanna say 'Y is wrong abt X'
    @Sini: yeah! the Taj IS AWEsome!
    @amit:I believe there has been some renovation done on it, I didn't notice any considerable blackening.Abt the minarets, nah, I dont think that's true.
    @ALL: gimme time to upload pics!
    remember that thing abt patience??  

  8. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    I've been coming to this blog every single day since you posted this!! If I wrote something, I'd have to wait 507,600 seconds to even get a reply. Hmmmpfff! That ain't fair to me........ :|  

  9. # Blogger Angel

    @densel: thanx!
    I didnt know u were timing the replies....  

  10. # Blogger ajay

    i dunno know angel, considering u were sharing a compartment with 6 really horny guys me think u givin me a skewed picture if nothing happened at least in terms of some really heavy flirting. nyways glad to know u had fun. monuments can be really cool sometimes . for future reference check out the mysore palace.  

  11. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    *HUGS* thanks for the bday wishes!!!
    ive seen the taj....awesome! everytime!! wanna go again now.  

  12. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    @ ajay's comment, :O.....

    Angieeeeee, you naughty, naughtttty gurl... *scrutinizing look*  

  13. # Blogger Angel

    @ajay: DUDE....you've lost the whole point of this post...tch tch tch!!
    There wasn't flirting of ANY kind...they were just busy listening to OLD hindi songs on the radio...and they played cards and all that...who cares, anyway?
    @Grafxgurl:You're welcome! *hugs back*
    @densel: Dude! since when did u start replying to comments meant for me?tch tch tch!!  

  14. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    To Miss/(Mrs.) naughty Angie..

    Sorry, darling.. what can I say? Blogs *are* open forums after all... heh heh...  

  15. # Blogger Angel

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  16. # Blogger Angel

    Densel, Open Forums is right! we have a nice long useless thread going on right here!!
    btw, 'Mrs'??? HELLOO! Have you read that valentine's day post o mine...sheesh!!  

  17. # Blogger jax

    Nice post!I could imagine the entire train journey with the 'smell from undeterminate origin' reading Dan Brown! :D I haven't seen the Taj, but even Vidhana Soudha makes me want to walk with my head turned back even after being in Bangalore all my life!  

  18. # Blogger Angel

    @jax:LOL, vidhana soudha! after all, namma bengaluru isn't far behind, is it?  

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