Last year, I caught the third season of American Idol...which Fantasia won, yes, Fantasia who said,"My lips are big, but my talent is bigger"..and that worked well for her!
I initially had the misconception that the show is about music,and yeah, about fifty percent of it is.But then there is the other fifty percent consisting of insult,tears, hyperventilation, surviving Simon, and perfecting the airbrushed 'image'.
So, if you have nothing else to do and you've not already written off reality TV as 'blah'(thanks to the after-taste of shows like 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance') will probably end up watching this show on the tube, the fourth season of which is currently on air.

In the prelim auditions,thousands of crooners(and *ahem* croakers)try to impress the judges so they can advance to the next level held at Hollywood.This stage of the competition proves the following points:
a) It takes a LOT of wrongs to make a right!!
b) Three fourths of the world's weirdos have shown up for these auditions.This involves an over-confident psychic, a youth-obsessed 44 year old, a girl who thinks she is the female version of Elvis, about a gazillion hip-hop wannabes...
All this gets responses from the judges such as:
Randy:"that was just aight for me,dawg."
Paula:"that was just wonderful, honey, it was beautiful...but we don't think we can put you through, but know that I love you and you have talent and..(goes on)" (what she means is "it's a NO")
Randy:"you would do well in Broadway"
Paula:"you are..err...different and unique."
Simon:"you're not a very good psychic, are you?"
Simon:"do you have a day job?"
Simon,Randy and Paula:*uncontrollable laughter*
Simon:"you couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket!!"(I don't think he has ever said this, but can't you just imagine him saying it?!!)

Of course, heart-broken hopefuls rush out of the audition hall, hysterically yelling stuff like this into the camera:"I have seen the kind of people who have been selected, and I am WAY better than all of them"
"I have a voice and a dream and nothing's gonna stop me, not even Simon"
Even parents scream,"My son sounds just like Brian McKnight..."
"My daughter's a superstar.I know it"

My favourite moment was when Simon promised to give this guy fifty thousand dollars if, in the next six months, he brought out a #1 record.This guy accepted the challenge, quite arrogantly too.But somewhere you could hear a voice drowning out...that of Brandy, guest judge, saying "but err...what about William, he..err.."
Of course, she was referring to last year's most shocking contestant, William Hung, who made a fortune off his talent( the lack of it,actually).
So, these days, the show is at stage 2 where the better of the lot fight it out.This stage is safer for people with heart conditions.

Back home, there is the Indian counterpart 'Indian Idol'...which is almost nearing it's end.What is most unforgetful about this show:
1. Anu Malik's 'shero-shaayari' that amuses no one but him.He says weird stuff like:
"Tu hai Amit Sana,
tune gaaya aaj gaana,
Iodex lagaana"
Something like that...
2. Sonu Nigam's hair ...curly, forehead-hiding straight, forehead-showing straight..
3.Farah Khan is of course, the desi Paula Abdul, who can never be mean.She compliments, saying,"you are looking glamourous today", "you look great in kurtas"...and other things that have nothing to do with music.

Thus,the idle watch the wannabe idols.... some make complete fools of themselves, while others actually end up making music.
That's it for's Angel...out!!

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  1. # Blogger Shrutz

    Hah!! *she bangs* man That's ALL I can say!
    By the way, if Amit Sena wins, we get a treat, my classmate studied with him in school... 11th pass apparently!!!  

  2. # Blogger Primalsoup

    LOL! Reality shows, well I quite like them... gartifying to see ppl make complete fool of themselves (good for the abysmally low sense of self-worth!)...
    But if 3/4th of the world's weirdo's make it to the show, how come I am meeting all of the reminder 1/4th! :)  

  3. # Blogger Vignesh

    Yes, Simon is God. If only I could insult someone as well as he does....

    But seriously, it used to be the case that it would take a whole world of courage to go up and sing to people. These days though, there are about 20 million reality shows, where people sing, dance, prance, lose all privacy - basically have a good time ;)

    And, I think all the people who think that they are meeting only wierdos and agree that they themselves are not wierdos, should come together, and meet each other. Saves all the wierdos and the non-wierdos all the trouble !

    Yes, I know, I'm desperate ;)  

  4. # Blogger jax

    hehehe!! nice post:))i've never watched an episode of the american idol show. i must be watching all the wrong channels!  

  5. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    After seeing Shruti's and your blogs, I am under the impression that either all the women in that college are awesome writers/bloggers, or I really am lucky to know the two most talented!

    Great Blog!!!  

  6. # Blogger Angel

    @shrutz:yeah, William is apparently the 'Ricky Martin' from Hong Kong.what is THAT?a back-handed compliment??
    @Primalsoup:Tell me about it...hope more reality shows keep cropping up so that the weirdos can go and participate, while we live a weirdo-free life!!
    @Vignesh:yes,you are!!LOL, wanna misinterpret that already?
    @Densel:Well, thanks!!Shrutz (aka Gibberish Queen) is my guru ^:)^.And as I mentioned, we're not from the same college, we just share the same crazy mental wavelength...  

  7. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    Hey, I've been watching your blog for a few days now and no new post!!.. *sniff*... Nothing to wake me up in the mornings nowadays :(........  

  8. # Blogger Vignesh

    A, I miss your posts already... come baaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk !!!!  

  9. # Blogger Amit

    Not knowing much about reality shows due to being stuck in college hostel that just barely provides a erratically working TV (With full complement of channels..namely DD1...), I do not have much to say about Reality shows..but I'm still waiting for the next post to arrive, so that I can make some seemingly intelligent comment...  

  10. # Blogger L . Hyena

    Now Now...this is not asked me to lurk on further, on this blog and it has not been updated for the past few MILLENIA...wassup this page gonna end up like yer home page...would be a shame ya know...and to repeat the stuff written above u write REALLY well...

    L. Hyena

    PS: thanks for the comment ... "not very deep" huh? hmm...does that mean im shallow? lol... im done with mush n crap...  

  11. # Blogger L . Hyena

    lol...i mean ..."mushy crap"...GAH  

  12. # Blogger Adarsh A. Varghese

    Long time, no post. Whats up?  

  13. # Blogger Vignesh

    This is getting a tab bit too much already. Come back ! We demand that you come back !!

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease !!!!  

  14. # Blogger Angel

    @densel:hey hey, me back!WAKE UP..:P
    @amit:good old DD1.that explains why u spend more time
    @l.Hyena:ahhh, you insult my geocities page AND say I write well at the same time??...hmm ever tried your hand at politics??!!
    P.S:nah, you're not shallow, I meant your poem wasn't just phony 'mushy crap' but quite touching.*sniff*
    @adarsh:read my newest post!
    @vignesh:DUDE DUDE....chill man! I AM back...your world is gonna turn right side up after  

  15. # Blogger Mistress of Magic

    hey angel.. i actually liked american idol for the indian counterpart... since the production team is same for both shows they have tried their best to ape the american version... from anu malik's snarky comments (Simon) .. to farah being nice to one n all commentin on their clothes.. etc...  

  16. # Blogger Angel

    @mistress of magic: yeah, I like it too, just that sometimes the comments they make are WAYY too harsh...and yeah ur right abt the aping Indian counterpart!
    thanx for stopping by!  

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