Little Pleasures

A combination of factors had compelled me to inhabit the real-world and abandon the virtual for a little while, giving me time to take in the little things in life that bring joy when you least expect it...

1. Remembering a tune you used to hum LONG ago, and discovering that you remember most of the words...and as you sing it, that time of your life becomes all so clear before you...the people, the experiences, the little victories, promises you made to yourself and others...

2. Reading your diary from when you were thirteen , laughing at your follies and pleased that you are much wiser now. Much.

3. Meeting an old friend after a long time and realising you still get along, in the same way you used to, everything clicks, the brand of fun is same as before...priceless.

4. Discovering that your best friend is also your sister.

5. To see someone else more excited and expectant about your future than you are.

6. To listen to your 6 year old niece praying...asking for others to be blessed ...her parents, teachers and all those friends of hers...she mentions their full names so God won't be confused.

Come to think of it, these things are not SO little...are they?
Considering all these joys, I must be able to let go of nineteen and enter the big two O.

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  1. # Blogger Vignesh

    Yes, these things are not so little at all.

    About reading that diary, trust me, if you write one now, and read it in about 5 years, it will sound funnier than you think your 13 year old self sounds !!

    Glad to have you back, sweets !  

  2. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    FINALLY!!! whew!! i was beginning to think you ACTUALLY landed up at the land of the White Elephant!!!

    *hugs* missed ya..

    welcome to the 20's !!!  

  3. # Blogger Loonie

    Happy birthday girl!:-) Have a great day!  

  4. # Blogger Neil Padayatty

    Let's call today, World Gibberish Day!

    Happy Birthday!

    The toast to Many more years of the Profound Gibberish!  

  5. # Blogger Elke

    Beautiful entry!

    Happy Birthday Angeline!Party hard!

    And how does it feel to be out of your teens? guess am a lil paranoid abt it!  

  6. # Blogger eddie

    Nice to have you back ! Belated birthday wishes !!  

  7. # Blogger Kini

    stumbled across your blog while i was doing some rather random surfing...

    the entry about your six year old niece made me smile ever so wistfully. could also relate to the desire for the lonely planet style exploration that you described on your previous post.

    liked the blog.. honest writing...keep at it!

  8. # Blogger mister

    Angel - I guess it must be your birthday somewhere in recent past or future so happy birthday!

    I like your comment about your niece...that's cute. I have 5 of them myself and to listen to them pray at dinner time is precious. Then to listen to their comments after I pray....oh to be a kid again...:)  

  9. # Blogger Angel

    @Vig: Glad to be back ;) >:D<
    Yeah, I've been thinking of resuming my diary writing...

    @Grrl: *hugs back* thanks!

    @Loonie: thanks for the cute surprise, hon! ;)

    @Neil: thank you! I hope you know what you're asking for here...;)

    @Elke: Welcome! Well, it's not so bad...just...your memory starts to fade and hey, I think I spotted a wrinkle or two on my neck today...
    as I said, it's ALL good ;)

    @Eddie: thanks man!

    @Kini: welcome! glad u like! I do some random surfing meself ;)

    @Mister: it was on May 15th.
    yeah my niece is too cute...I hope she stays 6 years old forEVER!!  

  10. # Blogger Swaroop C H

    Belated birthday dear Angel :)

    Btw, this things *appear* small, but they are the things that you remember the most.

    - Swaroop  

  11. # Blogger Sagnik Nandy

    Hey belated Happy Birthday - I thought you had stopped blogging. Loved the part abt your niece - was very very innocently sweet. Cheers.  

  12. # Blogger Angel

    @swaroop: thanks! Yes, so true.

    @Sagnik: thank, haven't stopped...unfortunately!

  13. # Blogger Shrutz

    :D babes! ^:)^ how's the psst... BIG 2-oh  

  14. # Blogger Loonie

    And am sad n all..Leaving my family and shifting to the hostel.( U know wat am talking abt?!?!) See ya soon hon!Whenz the reunion?  

  15. # Blogger Angel

    @shrutz: it's new and exciting.kinda. :|

    @loonie:WHOA!call me hon!  

  16. # Anonymous Stargazer

    belated happy birthday, Angel. Was beginning to wonder where you had disappeared to.
    These are most definitely NOT little things.
    Specially like the part about your niece.  

  17. # Blogger monu

    reading ur diary can be so much fun...
    i feel happy about my innocence and capability of giving unconditional love....
    all when i was 13....
    and not sure about...
    was bloghopping and landed up here..
    good one..!!!  

  18. # Blogger Angel

    @stargazer:look who's back! Thanks so much for your wishes.
    I am most definitely here.been commenting more than blogging these days :P

    @monu: yeah, it's really a deep moment when you ponder what's lost in the process of growing up.

    thanks for stopping by!  

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