patience is a virtue!

.....and I know you're ready to beat me up.....heehee!!
Sorry folks, I was away for about 10 days....went to the Capital for an official business meeting thingy...yeah yeah I'm lying...went to meet my sis and also made a trip to Agra to (finally)see the TAJ...which,even though cliche, I must say is SIMPLY INCREDIBLE...beautiful...and HUGE too, should I continue and talk about the emblem of undying love that it is??
*yawn* maybe later!
A fun trip altogether!!
I have some ideas for future blog posts...a result of spending 1 1/2 days in the train...can we say BORING!!!!
Thanx to the train journey I know about a hundred ways to say 'chai'( "chayeee", "chaayaa","chaaaa")phew!
and I have NO idea how I survived ten days without the internet...there IS life out there...who knew??
and I was SO touched by the comments on my blog, that shout out loud about how I am missed(that's how I took it...).So this is my "I"M BAAAAAAACK" post...will post more soon....
thanks to all you guys for waiting...
So, while I hear you say "THAT'S IT???"...I must bid farewell...only to return with something worthwhile...or maybe stick to my pattern of posting little scraps of nothing.

10 Responses to “patience is a virtue!”

  1. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    Hopeless!! You're a meano! We wait so long while you vacation in Agra and then we finally get pasted with the "I'm back" routine instead of a real post. Hmmppfff! Keep it up and you're off my 'Blogs that rock!' list... :P  

  2. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    *hug* :D.. glad you're back :)  

  3. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  4. # Blogger Vignesh

    Welcome back ! I would like to say that we missed you and such niceties, but really, we didn't. Since we are all jobless, we decided to spam your comments with statements in the context of you absence. Thats all ;)

    Now, get back to some regular blogging lady !! And you have a lot of catch up commenting to do too !!!  

  5. # Blogger Angel

    thanks for the kind(?) words, gentlemen...I'm glad to BE back...
    Vig, regular blogging?? what's THAT?  

  6. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    Hey.. thanks for stopping by my blog.. woulda totally missed yer comments coz it was on an earlier post.. but it was a nice surprise.. your comment was quiet comforting..

  7. # Blogger Neil Padayatty

    Agreed Patience is a virtue. But don't take us for granted. We're thirsting for some profound gibberrish ma'am.  

  8. # Blogger Angel

    @grafxgurl:no problem!ur welcome here!!

    @neil: yes yes I know.Have just posted a new escape the revenge of the thirsty blog-readers!  

  9. # Blogger jax

    hey...welcome backkk!!
    it was getting quite lonely around here without u! now we can get the party started!  

  10. # Blogger Angel

    aww jax,I'm here now..let's rock n roll!!  

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