I read a quote the other day, by Martina Navratilova, and it said "Go out there, and do what you gotta do."
Is it just me, or has someone heard this said before?
I like the simplicity and the rawness of this quote, but is it really a 'quote' in that it's a phrase we all have heard at some point in our lives? But as a friend told me the other day, as long as they aren't quoting Paris Hilton's 'That's hot!', it is tolerable.

I stop by again at the water cooler for a (surprise) glass of water. And as I gulp it down, I look at the map of the floor I work in, with a complicated colour-coded plan to exit in case of an emergency like a fire. And of course, it says 'Don't Panic'.
I think, in case of a fire, even the calmest person would not completely panic till he/she saw this map, and would freak out trying to look for the 'You are here' and then pass out before he/she figures out how to get out.

I was in a bus the other day, and there was this large lady who seemed like she could bully anybody if she wanted to. She occupied most of the seat she was in, and fumbled around with two mobile phones. Finally she called somebody, and within a few minutes, in the loudest voice, started talking in baby-ese. You know, how one talks to a baby? She was really loud and the whole bus had to pretend they didn't hear her. I, of course, could not hold on any longer, and so increased the volume of the music I was listening to. But hear her, I could. And I looked at another lady, who was a just about to explode with laughter, and I was just about managing the same, and she looked at me, and we burst out at once. Fortunately, BabyTalker didn't hear us.

If you think this post is random, you probably haven't seen some of the communities on Orkut. Yes, you hate that place. You are on it, aren't you?
Of course you are.

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