....and there's more!!!

I've been resisting the temptation to add SO much more to the list below...but I'm sure if I really bring everything out in the open..I'd be at the risk of having a rep like that crazy cat lady who shoos away the kids playing in her garden...

just-have-to-say stuff:

1 'welcome to my life' by Simple Plan is quite a nice song, lyrically and otherwise.Maroon 5's 'sunday mornings' has a fresh catchy tune that stays in your head.'penny and me' by Hanson is simply brilliant.I didn't give a chance to these bands before...not bad, all of them.

2. There are more voice hunt shows on TV than there are ideas in my head for an interesting blog right now.

3. Travelling adds to your personality...especially if you're anything like me.I went nuts looking at the India Gate for the first time, patriotic sentiments flooded my being...till those guys next to me started cracking jokes about how I didn't know to take a decent picture.I handled that with a mental "whatever!". I can only imagine what will happen to me if I ever see the pyramids...hope paramedics will be standing by...and Victoria Falls will probably kill me!

4. Over-used terms are so...over used!Like 'metrosexual' and 'page 3'.Guys learn to comb their hair and they become metrosexual?Aren't they supposed to take care of themselves...I guess metrosexual really means 'civilised'(no offence, fellas!)

5. I will have an aversion for cellphones till of course I get one!...I've always said "no one needs to be available all the time".My sis, for one hasn't been the same since she got hers...which was gifted to her(not ME) by my cousin(hence intensifying the existing hatred for the gadget)
It is absolutely a menace hearing a phone ring in a theatre or in church(once at church, the pastor said "keep your phones on only if God is going to call")
And there are times I am having these meaningful conversations with someone and their phone rings...it's really difficult to get back to the conversation after that.Also, when someone listens to you and reads a message at the same time..it is SO annoying!
The worst part is getting a message at midnight saying,"just thought I would say good night"this accompanied by some kind of art made up of special characters.
And what's with multitasking mobile phones that take pictures, videos, check mail, do your laundry, wash your dishes, polish your shoes.....

hmmm I think when people say that I have an opinion about everything...they might be right(just a tad!).

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  1. # Blogger Adarsh A. Varghese

    Nice blog. Interesting read.  

  2. # Blogger Shrutz

    I loved (L O V E D) the metrosexual omment... The single most annoying word on TV, right after "George W Bush" :D!
    ^:)^ you rock! Like I keep saying!  

  3. # Blogger Neil Padayatty

    There's more to the cliches. There's:
    basically:- That's what everyone says when anyone asks them where they are from.

    The F-word:- Forrest Gump takes a pot-shot at them American's F-wording away.

    That's all I can think of now. Besides I'll need the rest to tide over the block.  

  4. # Blogger Amit

    lol...thanx for the blogroll mention...i'm doing the same to your blog ;-)  

  5. # Blogger Angel

    thanks adarsh!

    my faithful reader shrutz, the feeling is mutual ^:)^.

    Neil, great examples of cliches, there.
    Basically, I like them.(I don't swear, or else I would have included the f-word...lol)

    Amit, no problemo, man! and thanks for mentioning me in yours!  

  6. # Blogger Fly

    Yes, Vic Falls can kill you. I've seen it. But you'd be in the papers the next morning. So its not all bad.  

  7. # Blogger Angel

    @fly: Oh.  

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