How to win blogs and influence bloggers

Dear blog,
I know you have difficulty recognizing me. I don't update you very often, and sometimes I don't know what to say to you. I'm sorry for the times you felt embarrassed to show your sorry un-updated face to frustrated visitors who wanted something to read. I'm sorry for the couple of times I've written up things and backed out before hitting 'publish'. I hope that someday you will take pride in who you really are, and not gather your identity by who's reading you and who's not.
Sure, your buddies tell you that their bloggers type away at their text boxes and some others get lucky twice a day even.
But I want you to listen to your inner blog. Yes, the one that refuses to give up on its blogger. The blogger who cheated on you by pouring her heart out to some 'other' blogs to enjoy the benefits of anonymity, but still has come running back to you.
Always yours,

13 Responses to “How to win blogs and influence bloggers”

  1. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    k just to let you know that your blog told me he doesnt think you care at all about him..his feelings ARE hurt.

    * ok dont kill the messenger haan*  

  2. # Blogger jax

    There is an "other" blog? You are cheating on me!  

  3. # Blogger L . Hyena

    gah...I wish my blog was anonymous. Coz then I could really write...damn.  

  4. # Blogger MechanicalCrowds

    I hope you two stay friends!  

  5. # Blogger Jeremy Ryan

    awwwwww, you lil sugardoll! :)  

  6. # Blogger Angel

    @Grrl: Don't be having private conversations with MY blog, you hear? :D

    @Jax: No no Jacko! It was a PHASE. ;)

    @Hyena: Yeah man, anonymity has its benefits. (Psst, don't tell my blog I told you that. ;) )

    @Mech: *fingers crossed* ;)

    @Jerry: :)  

  7. # Blogger Kumari

    You're back...with a new template and all :)

    Hmm...wonder why I came here today coz i had given up on both you n Jax ever updating :)

    Am glad i did :)  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    :) maybe it is time to update :)  

  9. # Blogger bronzmash

    Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

    Can i do a 'copy-paste' of this, on my blog..?! Maybe i'll edit it a lil', add some credits, and add some profanity.. :D

    ..but the lazy feeling is so completely worth it, that i haven't tapped away on my 12keys for long!
    Maybe i should..!  

  10. # Blogger Perspective Inc.

    LOL!! How I relate.... * sigh *  

  11. # Anonymous Pi


  12. # Blogger Stargazer

    Alright, 2 months is enough of a hiatus. Write something already.  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hmmm... I am very pleased to know that people who question their blogs about their inner...whatever the term is... soul? Anyway... I am sure your blog will understand and be proud to have such an understanding owner!

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