More Gibberish Cometh!!

After a series of fake-posts, I realised I couldn't fool my readers any more...(yes, the two of you who still come to check for an update...thank you!). Here's my little trial at a comeback...hoping to entice you with this new template. (AND buy time to think of material for a REAL post.)
Most of my blogger-buds who were very active back in those days when the Indian government didn't try to kill our fun, have become rather quiet these days. One of them was heard saying, "I'm trying to get a life offline." (yes, there IS such a thing, who knew??) I'm hoping he didn't take tips from Opal Mehta.

Here's me signing off, hoping to follow this post(!) up with yet ANOTHER tag, and then hopefully back to the usual posting. (yes yes I hear the cheering!!)

8 Responses to “More Gibberish Cometh!!”

  1. # Blogger Jeremy Ryan

    you go, girl.. I'm with you all the way. Yes, I do come here ;)  

  2. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    I LOVE IT!!!! WHITE IS THE BEST!!! am SO GLAD youre back ah my gad!! i was wondering if you had forgotten about this!!! hows things? *hugs*  

  3. # Blogger sav

    wow! simply superb! u inspire me to get back to my blogging... think i'm gonna do some tonite! hmmm... really cool  

  4. # Blogger Stargazer

    Welcome back.  

  5. # Blogger jax

    Tra la la la la. Post already!  

  6. # Blogger bronzmash

    At least you make brilliant come-backs! Mine are lousy.. ;)

    ..and aaaanyway you probably can't write fake posts - that requires lack of skills..!  

  7. # Blogger Jeremy Ryan

    still waiting, Chocky girl!  

  8. # Blogger Ta'fxkz

    Gimmy Gibberish and gimmy now  

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