I got tagged by - Jax, the rhythm behind my vocals!

Total volume of music on my computer: About 8 GB

Title & Artist that I last bought/borrowed : 'This Generation' by Sonic Flood.

Song I am playing right now : "Hey Jude" by The Beatles

Five+ Songs that I like/have been hooked onto:

Audio Adrenaline - "Ocean Floor"
The Archies - "Sugar, Sugar"
Dave Mathews Band - "Everyday"
Jamie Cullum - "All at sea"
Jennifer Knapp - "A Little More"
Mariah Carey & Westlife - "Against all odds"
The Fugees - "Killing me softly"
Joss Stone - "Fell in love with a boy"
Bruce Springsteen - "Secret Garden"
Oasis - "Champagne Supernova"
B.B King feat. Sheryl Crow - "Need your love so bad"
U2 - "The sweetest thing"
Jars of Clay - "Unforgetful You"
Switchfoot - "Meant to live" and "Let that be enough"
Lifehouse - "Hanging by a moment"
John Mayer - "Daughters" and "Why Georgia"
Norah Jones - "Nightingale" and "Humble me"
Sixpence none the richer - "Kiss me"
Alicia Keys - "If I ain't got you"

I pass on this tag to those who feel like doing it.

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  1. # Blogger jax

    Nice list! Nice because I haven't heard most of them. Which means you'd better make me listen to them!

    Joss Stone has a sexy voice.  

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