"Have a great week, we'll see you next sunday. God be with you."

Lynn woke up from her seat, looking around for familiar faces, as the crowd walked out of church. Everyone headed for the food stalls right outside, where homemade lemon tarts and brownies waited for the mob. Being quite shy, Lynn waited for somebody, anybody to come up and talk to her. She fiddled around with her mobile phone, looking through the phonebook, reading old messages in her inbox. Every now and then, she looked up. She waved at a few folks, who smiled at her as they left the building. Time to leave, she thought, as she munched away at her brownie. Suddenly she felt small hands clinging to her waist. Looking down, she saw a little girl, with bright eyes and an infectious smile. Quite alarmed, Lynn looked around to see who this kid's parents were. When she couldn't find them, she looked back at the girl, who was still holding on to her.

"Hi!" said Lynn.
"What's your name?" asked Lynn, smiling, as she pointed at the little girl's nose.
"Mira!" came the loud reply, as if the girl had just realised that her name was indeed a nice one.
"Mira! so where's mummy and daddy?"
"No mummy, no daddy" said Mira, still smiling away.
"Oh..." Lynn was now uncomfortable, not knowing what to say next.
As if she read her mind, Mira went on.
"I live at orphanage!!" she shrieked, and nodded, to say it was a lovely place.

They met again the next sunday.
"Auntie!!!" Mira screamed as she ran towards Lynn and hugged her tight. Lynn melted instantly and hugged her back.
"I have to go! bye!" Mira ran, holding her friend's hands.

One sunday, Lynn was greeted with a familiar hug, this time along with a question.
"Why you not come last week??"
Lynn smiled, very surprised that little Mira had sensed her absence.

These days, Lynn walks out of church, and looks for a pair of bright eyes. And smiles as soon as the spots them. Sometimes she's the one asking for a hug from the little one, when Mira forgets to promptly deliver them.

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  1. # Blogger Stargazer

    Very nice. A grain of truth in there somewhere?
    Welcome back, by the way.  

  2. # Blogger bronzmash

    I'm sure Lynn and this lil angel will share a fabulous relationship. Children and Animals, maybe, instinctively know where goodness lies..

    It's already good that Lynn found a distraction (or attraction, maybe??!) way better than the mobile-phone.. i believe she possesses correct amounts of the forementioned 'goodness' to keep this going!  

  3. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    sweetiness personified!


  4. # Blogger Perspective Inc.


  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    came here blog..nice to c u write again.

  6. # Blogger Nebula

    Really nice n sweet Sweetheart !  

  7. # Blogger arvindiyer

    I think am beginning to like this little girl too.. do u know where i can find her?:) How u doin?  

  8. # Blogger Angel

    @Gazer: Maybe :) And thank you.

    @Bronzmash: I think she will keep this going :)

    @Grrl: Hugs to you too. How's Nashville? :)

    @Perpective: :)

    @Nebula: hugs Sweetie! :)

    @arvind: I do! And I am fine! how are you doing, Mr Dude with attitude? :)  

  9. # Blogger Prax

    BRILLIANT !!!  

  10. # Blogger All Blog Spots

    your blog is really nice , it simply tells how beautiful your thoughts are ! Great wrok  

  11. # Blogger Bullshee

    There IS something else which has the words 'Don't Panic' written on them- The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy but it was supposed to relaaax people there!

    Nice blog!!  

  12. # Blogger Ta'fxkz

    what happened to brownie, poor thing got eated and everybody thinks about the girl... heh  

  13. # Blogger samar

    Profound(big word..huff!),ironic,ticklish'n'Sweet.

    PS:Just curious.. .do angels have wings?  

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