Of things I don't particularly enjoy...

It's one of those days...not exactly down-in-the-dumps but I've-had-better kinda days...many things are on my mind right now and I'm thinking of all the things I don't like...so I thought while I'm miserable, why not blog about it and throw a pity party.CHEERS!
(DISCLAIMER: the writer is not passionately pessimistic.The exaggeration is solely for shock-effect)
SO...I've deduced after some soul-searching that I am a list person...nah that's not a mental illness, I'm just saying I like lists...to-do lists, where-to-go lists, friends-to-call lists...the works...
I prefer clear, easy-on-the-eyes lists as opposed to long, neverending paragraphs...

Ok, stop yawning..here's my things-I-don't-like list:

1. googlemania : when I do these Google searches, which is pretty often...I end up with these pages that give u a list of related sites...each of which gives you another list of websites and so on.Before you know it you're opening windows and tabs and have forgotten what you wanted.That is one exception when I am NOT a list person!

2.LEARN the words!!: Have you heard people when they sing a song they don't know the words to..they're like "da da da da da...." and when it's chorus time they belt it out like it's no-one's business.."Now I'm FREEEEE, free fallin'!"
I don't REALLY like that, but let's face it, there are a lot of songs we would love to know the words to...but don't.
With my sister, it's a totally different story. She will make up the words as she goes along...and not even realise that she is a lyric-factory...what's more annoying is that she sings like she is SURE those are the EXACT words.Talk about annoying.

3. "No, YOU tell me" : I am not really into speaking on the phone.I find it really unnecessary and I use the phone just to keep in touch and not really for those "so, what were you doing?" type conversations.
And HOW awkward is it when you have nothing left to talk about and you're like "what else?" and they're like "I don't know, you tell me"...
sometimes I feel like saying. "yeah that's it. let's hang up".But I'm too nice to do that!:)

4."Hi.Liked your profile.mail me":Recently, I got this mail from a guy who said he liked my profile on Orkut and asked me to mail him if I want to get "impressed".what do YOU think I did?? If he doesn't like replies, he's most impressed with me right now.
Occasionally on Orkut, I get these people adding me without asking me or writing a scrap first.I think that's really disrespectful.but maybe, that's how you make friends...I still don't like this way of doing it though.
I think some other people share my view on this too.

5.Mediocre television: sometimes when I indulge in this rare ritual called studying,
I take a T.V break.And what do I find? "world poker championships" OR those infomercials with some exercise machine that starts with 'AB' (as in "ab-pro", "ab-master"...those washboard abs are YOURS for Rs 49999999 ONLY, call now and it's a rupee lesser!)
not to mention, these super-hero shows like Black-Scorpion, She-Spies.The world is SICK of being saved from GRAVE danger...over and over again.
then there's those supernatural(but not in any way divine)shows that give you a peek into wicca, witches, vampires and the like.
There's also reality T.V...that continues surprising me!
By the time I'm done surfing for what I wanna watch, my list tells me it's time to go study.

6. "please send this to 100 of your closest friends" : I don't like forwards.Of course, there are those occasional nice ones, but more often than not, the words FWD: cause my eyes to itch! especially when they say "send this to 5 people and you will get 100 dollars", "you will find true love", "If you delete this, bad luck will come your way".The one good thing forwards do is that they magnify the usefulness of the delete button.

I feel a lot better now!Yeah, there's obviously a lot more stuff I don't like...
but there is a lot more stuff I like and can focus on...
you know what??
It's gonna take a lot more than "FWD:" to tick me off!!

there! jabber of a blog plus a pep talk.:D

P.S: I may have violated the never-ending paragraphs rule :P

8 Responses to “Of things I don't particularly enjoy...”

  1. # Blogger Swaroop C H

    Yep! Agree with them on all counts.

    Worst are the 'Fwd's, I mean I can't even ask them politely to stop 'spamming' me! So, I simply have a filter to send mails from some of these people to a folder called 'dump'.  

  2. # Blogger Shrutz

    ":Recently, I got this mail from a guy who said he liked my profile on Orkut and asked me to mail him if I want to get "impressed".what do YOU think I did?? If he doesn't like replies, he's most impressed with me right now.
    LOVE it babes! I got one saying "I would have proposed to you, if you weren't older!"
    Older women are soo much more attractive!  

  3. # Blogger jax

    yay!! so i am not the only one to have an aversion to 'what-else-i-dunno-you-tell-me' talks!!:D

    the fwd to 10 people thing, i send 10 copies to the same person!! that way i shut them up for good:)  

  4. # Blogger Deppe

    Hi. Liked your posting. mail me :-)

    Seriously, really cool post. Have to say that everything in your list pisses me off too, except item 4, because I never get any of those messages. It's affecting my self-worth too much. :-)  

  5. # Blogger Angel

    So it's not just me who's turned off by these things huh? thanx all, I feel (somewhat)normal. :P  

  6. # Blogger Amit

    Nice Blog! ... i made the mistake of changing a few settings in orkut communities...as a result, i get a lot of messages like.."Are you a proud punjabi?", "Join us to get drunk!!", "Join the 'I Don' Care' group!" etc etc...my fault of course..but all the same..these would probably be no.1 in my list..followed close behind by those sms' you get saying, 'if you don't forward this to a billion people in the next hour, the love of your life will have a horrific death pretty soon..' et al...lovely how people keep more in touch with each other in these modern times...  

  7. # Anonymous rancid butter

    hey..all that stuff bugs me too..but theres a lot more on tv than the stuff u mentioned...read sports and discovery..u shud chk them out more often..  

  8. # Blogger Angel

    thanx for the advice, rancid butter...I DO watch other stuff on TV.I was just mentioning the stuff I DONT enjoy...anyways looks like Discovery's travel and Living Channel has changed everything for the better!  

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