Yet another useless questionnaire...

Are you online 25 out of 24 hours a day?? Are you out of control? Have you forgotten that there are windows in your house...other than the one you keep typing nonsense into??
As you read this, are you saying to yourself,"Nah, I'm not THAT bad!"
Well, here's how to find out!

Answer the following in Yes or No.(and no, there's no 'don't know, can't say' option...why not, you ask? Well, don't know, can't say!)

1)You have introduced yourself to someone using your IM username.(in the real world)
"Hi, I'm netfreak2000, nice to meet you"

2)You include emoticons on your answersheet in the exams.

"The Indian guns slackened their fire because their powder was insufficiently protected :|, but when the Indian cavalry charged in the hope :) that the British guns had suffered similarly they were sharply repulsed by heavy fire :(( ."

3)You cried the last time you saw "Cannot find server".

4)When someone asks you,"So, tell me more about yourself" give them a link.

5)You think 3 hours spent looking for a cool free font is time well spent.

6)You check this blog for an update everyday.(100 more points if you say "Of course not.I have a bloglines account!")

The 'real world' is highly over-rated, don't you think?

22 Responses to “Yet another useless questionnaire...”

  1. # Blogger Densel Mayor

    hahahaha... I have a bloglines accountttttttttttt! :D:D:D:D... you sooooo saw through me  

  2. # Blogger iambipolar

    I'm really addicted to the spider (web) wife left me...and i knew 'bout it after 6 months  

  3. # Blogger Shrutz

    I check my blog everyday
    twice in 4 hours  

  4. # Blogger Kini

    Oops... I accidentally left the reply to your merry christmas comment on your previous post.

    Unfortunately idiocy is an ailment i can't seem to get of. Hmmm... christ I think i was just honest! jesus... i really should sleep now. If you are thoroughly confused (i'm betting you are) check the last comment on your previous post.  

  5. # Blogger Angel

    @Dens: yeah, I AM intuitive.

    @iambipolar: Oooh, sorry 'bout that :P

    @shrutz: Oh, perfectly normal thing to do...:D

    @Kini: Confused, yes. AND amused, as I said.Thanks for dropping by, twice ;)  

  6. # Blogger PRADEEP K.


  7. # Blogger Angel

    back at ya!  

  8. # Blogger Loonie

    WWoah! A nod for all those questions...!But am I that bad? Shucks..i neva knew!lol  

  9. # Blogger Loonie

    happy new year girl!:-)  

  10. # Blogger Angel

    @loonie: you're only as bad...err good as me!! which is GOOD, right? ;;)
    (don't answer that :P)

    and HAPPY NEW YEAR, hon! :)  

  11. # Blogger coolvir

    Ha ha ha......

    i think even i have to stop becoming net addicted now.

    Nice post  

  12. # Blogger Thej Kumar S A

    A real nice post.
    Some of those happened in my case.
    i also once tried to shoo a fly on the monitor with the mouse pointer  

  13. # Blogger Angel

    @coolvir: thanks!

    @tksa:whoa!that's hilarious :))  

  14. # Blogger Amit

    Actually, I did draw in a smiley in one of my university exams...I was pretty confused about whether I should draw it the right way up, or sideways, like the way we I recall, I settled for sideways...don't think the examiner made much sense of the whole paper anyway..coz I passed that paper..and there was no way I should have...thats called "obfuscated answer fabrication", and i really do think the smiley helped ;-)  

  15. # Blogger Angel

    oh yeah I bet it did!!
    I should try that sometime ;) :|
    and O.A.F...I like that! ;)  

  16. # Blogger chamki

    man! shooing a fly with the mouse!!
    loved this post!
    i was on a blog tour and this one is a good addition to my little collection. I hope you dont mind putting a link to your post up on my blog, in case you do, which is fair enough, then just leave a comment and i shall pull it off. Thanks.  

  17. # Blogger chamki

    Correction: I hope yu dont mind ME putting a link to your post on my blog.  

  18. # Anonymous Anonymous


  19. # Blogger Angel

    *yawn* granted.  

  20. # Blogger DJK

    7) Have you caught yourself saying LOL/BRB/ROFLMAO/IMAO out loud?  

  21. # Blogger Angel

    No, but I can imagine how THAT might happen!! :D


  22. # Blogger Nebula

    Agree with Piont 3
    & STRONGLY Agree with Points 2 n 5 ! :D  

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