Goa was everything that I expected it to be. I've been talking about it ever since I came back.Some good listeners became the victims of my animated minute-by-minute commentary of every single day of the trip.(God Bless Y'all!).
And strangely enough, everytime I sit down to write about it, I feel like I can't seem to do justice to the good times.

Maravanthe beach Dolphin Boat ride Singing Calangute seabreeze walking into the sea scary waves shopping midnight walks fish markets silly games portugese architecure seashells temporary tattoo Cashews tamarind toffee bright colours seafood Evening cruise Dancing Hooting Miramar birthday chocolate cake fine, white sand 3AM all truth no dare Jog falls
French lessons Kannada movie Shimoga 8:45 pm
Built up your curiosity on that last one, haven't I?

[P.S: Yes, Vig.Your idea ;)]

9 Responses to “Elevation”

  1. # Blogger jax

    I was JUST going to say you have copied Vignesh's idea! Now no fun after you have credited him :D

    Why no "floral printed bermudas" in the list?  

  2. # Blogger aknowkneemoose

    Profound gibberish? Whoa! Didn't know this blog existed when I composed this! Wow, didn't think there'd be someone else who'd think of the same kind of oxymoron!  

  3. # Blogger kickassso

    nice Pic!

    but y'all look like a bunch of ghosts tho:D..the ghosts of christmas perhaps?  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    glad u had a good time. And take time off to reply mails;)


  5. # Blogger Angel

    @Jax: It was Goa dude, not Fashion Mistake capital ;)
    @Sam: thanks, and great to hear from you :D
    @moose(heh):Like-minded soul, thou art welcome aboard!
    @Kickasso:Errr, thanks? And Welcome! :P
    @Liz: I will, I will :P  

  6. # Blogger Loonie

    geeeeeeeeeeeeee!lovely pic..the last one!:)
    sure it was fun eh!btw..why didn't we have the final year school trips???well..regrets apart..

    Put up some more pics girl!If not on the blog you know where;-)
    gotta chat up sometime..got loads to ask and say!

  7. # Blogger Amit

    Whoa...you sure were having fun!! Somehow, the authorities in our college believe that final year is when we should be studying the most...weird isn't it? Esp. when by now, after 3 years of practice, we've learned how to get away with minimum of brain work...so no tours for us is what i was saying :-) well, glad to see some people are having fun...  

  8. # Blogger Angel

    @Loonie: yeah, it was supercool :D
    and check flickr, hon!
    And what is it you're itching to talk about...huh huh?? ;)

    @Amit: Errr, actually this trip had little to do with our authorities :))
    It was unofficial!  

  9. # Blogger Ashmi

    yeh!goa is too pretty a place.its a good place to visit taking a break from work and all.the blue sea with the sound of waves and the wind blowing makes one feel like being in a dream land. nice to know you had a great time...stay happy! :-)  

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