Go(a)ing away!

- I went out and got a LiveStrong bracelet. I understand how something like this becomes a trend or a status symbol, but for me, it means hope and I'm with her on this one. Maybe two months from now I won't know where I left my bracelet, but I'll know that one can't afford to lose hope. For now, I am encouraged when I look at the bracelet, to live outside of myself and to live on purpose.

- My good friend has something up in her life, it's something significant that could change the course of her future. I know something's up, she knows she can tell me, but we've been out of touch for long.Maybe too long. And so when we met up, she couldn't even tell me about it, except that there is something up. And I couldn't keep asking her, because I felt like I'd lost that position in her life, to have that right to know...because we're not in school anymore. Things have changed.

And at the same time, I meet someone for the first time and discover that there's no ice to be broken, we're on the same page from the start, and within a few moments, a most satisfying conversation is had, meaningful stories are readily exchanged.

- Here's an update somewhat related to this post. No, none of it is coming true, not yet anyway ( Any wellwishers, sponsors, ANYBODY??). But I am going to Goa this weekend, with my classmates. It's that final year thing, you know. Suddenly everyone starts having that 'US' feeling. And so, fun events are being organised as I write, by the ones with enviable leadership qualites, so that we can be spontaneous and unwind (when we are scheduled to, of course! what part of FUN did you not get??).

Anyway, I shall come back with some good memories. Some of which might actually be blogworthy!

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  1. # Blogger jax

    A whole final year crowd off to Goa? No wonder I didn't get tickets
    for this weekend and had to settle for Gokarna instead. I've been
    to Goa several times before and its such a place, you cannot not
    come back with blogworthy memories! Have fun girl!

    And you could make your friend talk by sending her a long direct-dilse email. Usually that works for me. If it doesnt, atleast you tried!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    When did Ang the philospher switch to college goer,I didn't even notice.Anyways Mr.X sez the Lance Armstrong thing and "can't afford to lose hope" bit is waaaay too much he can't stop sobbing.


  3. # Blogger Neil Padayatty

    I know the no-need-for-breaking-ice thing! Like in the internet! That's one place where such hassles as breaking-the-ice is not required! It's real people talking about genuine things!  

  4. # Blogger jive

    was planning to get a LIVE STRONG bracelet myself...  

  5. # Blogger Grafxgurl

    SOO COOL!!! hope you bring back tons of "interesting" news for us.. i wanna go to GOA TOO!!! have TONS of fun girl!! :D  

  6. # Blogger Angel

    @Jax: Yeah!!! you are SO right about Goa.Been there before...but this time was SOOO MUCH FUN!!Hope you had fun in Gokarna...
    And thanks for playing my agony unc. Seriously :)
    @Liz:Mr X should write his comments himself! And yes, I am college-goer cum philosopher.It can happen, really!
    @Neil: yeah, that's interesting...
    @jive: and THEN? Welcome BTW.
    @Grrl: I AM BACK, babyyy!
    I had SUCH an awesome time...am making plans to buy a beach and all that... :)  

  7. # Blogger Rat

    This whole LiveStrong thing so indeed nice and gives hope but when you see people wearing fake bracelets for the image statment its just like oh god is there any end to this pseudo bullshit.  

  8. # Blogger karuna

    how much fuuuunnn!
    I loovee the place... will make my bi-annual pilgramage in december...  

  9. # Blogger jax

    Please to come back with the stories!  

  10. # Blogger Loonie

    So where are the Goan stories? Am waiting girl..  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Well ,hope is good as long as its knoted for the better...but it should not become a bondage of pop. I dont knw if i make sense, i usually never do;)


  12. # Blogger Bombay

    good writing,

  13. # Blogger Angel

    @Rat:Yup,know what you mean...
    @Karuna: oh yeah, you gotta LURRRVE the place :D
    @Jax:Yes saar...
    @Loonie:Yes madam...coming soon.
    @Samrish:I actually got you! :)

  14. # Blogger eddie

    hey :) well looks like you have settled down in goa !  

  15. # Blogger Angel

    hehe...I wish ;)  

  16. # Blogger Ashmi

    you sound pretty sad but i guess one feels that way when one has to leave the comforts of school life and is at the threshold of a new life awaiting them...as far as my knowledge of friendship is concerned ,all i can say is that true friends never change come what may...take care. :-)  

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