the 'study' in study holidays is silent.'s the thing...when you're saying "study holidays" I hear "vacation"...

how to know you're distracted:
1. When your sister tells you you're the type that is "easily distracted" reply,"define 'distracted'!"
2. You DON'T LIKE her answer to that question.
3. You take a 2 hour break after every 1/2 hour of studying.
4. You christen every T.V show as a 'must-watch'.
5. You check your mail every 2 hours...("what if there's a REALLY important mail!")
6. You answer ALL of the following questions
"wanna go to the park?"
"are you free?let's all go out for lunch"
"wanna catch a movie?"
with a resounding "OK!"...without giving it a second thought.
7. You make a new study plan everyday.
Give me another week and I can add a lot more to this pathetic list...
and if you're going "oh, c'mon, you're exaggerating!"
I reply,"define 'exaggerate'!"

2 Responses to “the 'study' in study holidays is silent.”

  1. # Blogger jax

    dam!! i am seriously distracted!  

  2. # Blogger Neil Padayatty

    Points 3, 5(sooner than that), 6 and 7(every time the plan goes out of sync, which is always) approved. Nice post.  

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