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OK this is really weird ...I'm at a loss for words...my initial blogcitement(:D) has dwindled away...what about the millions of u ...my faithful fans *waves and blows kisses*...how could I have kept u waiting for my next master-piece...
and surprisingly enough...this blog is about how I have nothing to say in my blog...hmmm.
I've been thinking of things that I can blog about...here is a little peek into my thought-process:THE BLOGS THAT DID'NT MAKE IT
1.How I miss school
Nah!too cheesy...and I didnt want to get all teared up and ruin my keyboard(which I have already done once...A large glass of water , and my half-asleep movements..DON'T ASK!)
2.How our education system fails to bring out the 'real' person in a student
hmm....lots to say...but I am trying to be positive about all my assignments and projects...and ENJOY student life, so I think I could do without the bitterness right now...
3.How it is to let go of friends and make new friends and do it all over again
Well, mostly the same reason as 1, but also it is fun to meet new people and meet old ones..different joy altogether...
4.How my new anti-glares look great on me.
GREAT TOPIC...but ok,I agree..too vain..but believe me...I look intellectual (which I am,by the way :))and it's magic..the moment I put them on...I feel like doing something about my project and probably that assignment that was due last week...cool huh?
5.How cool it is that launchcast is free
yeah...another great topic...but I thought about it and all i had to say was "YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE"
6.On being spontaneous
would make an interesting blog....so why not?
Well,I have kept u reading haven't I...
So,there u have it people...we have a winner!

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